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CORPORATE CULTURE - kitchen room, bedroom, bathroom, dinning room, We provide designs and manufacturing integrated kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, pantry, bathroom cabinets, doors, staircase and railing and other related building materials used for your houses.


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Vision: To become the most respected one stop building materials enterprise.
Constantly listening and meet clients’ demands, guide and exceed customers expectation, win customer respect by what we do;
Promoting the status and image of enterprise to make staff with high sense of honor and pride of the company, win staff respect by what we do;
Promoting the healthy development of the household building materials industry, growing together with our cooperative partners,win industry respect by what we do;
Paying attention to corporate responsibility, society caring and returning, win society respect by what we do.
Mission: Through the provision of home improvement products to improve the quality of life.
Make the products and services like water and electricity flowing into people’s lives, bring them convenience and cheerful;
Focus on different regions, different groups, and according to different customers’ demands to provide the best products and service;
Build open and win-win platform, create a healthy household building materials supply channel together with cooperative partners.
Values: Honesty, enterprise, cooperation, innovation
Comply with national laws and system of the company;
Morality first, and uphold justice, honesty, and trustworthiness as important principle.
With the power of honesty to have a positive impact on the surrounding of integrity.
Conscientious, efficient execution;
Responsibility, take the initiative to meet the new tasks and challenges;
Keep curiosity, learning and the pursuit of excellence.
Win-win with open mentality, Sharing with partners industry growth;
Have the vision, able to interact with other team to achieve the common goal;
Willing to share professional knowledge and working experience, grow up together with team.
The purpose of innovation is to create value for customers,
Everyone can be creative, everything all can have innovation;
Dare to breakthrough, have the courage to try, do not fear failure, and be good at summary.
Business philosophy: Take customer value as the foundation;
Pay attention to long-term development, never harm customer value because of commercial interests;
Pay attention to and understand customer needs, and constantly providing excellent products and service to meet customer demand;
Attaches great importance to the emotional communication with customers, respect for customer experience, grow up together with the customers.
Management idea: take cares of people growth
Provide staffs with good working environment and incentive mechanism;
Improve the staff training system and career development channel, give them with enterprise synchronous growth of happiness;
Fully respect and trust staff, guide and encourage to make they have the joy of achievement.


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Customer segmentation Value proposition Customer Relationship Channel 
To service one or multi-clients classified groups By value proposition to solve customer problems and meet customer needs Establishing and maintaining customer relationships in each customer segment Through communication, distribution and sales channels deliver the value proposition to customers
Key Activities Key partnerships Cost Structure Core  Resource
Through critical business activities, operating business model had to perform some operation business model key business activities Some foreign outsourcing business, while others need to get resources from outside the enterprise Manufacturing business model elements that should lead to cost structure Core resources are important assets to provide and deliver the necessary elements previously described